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The specific features of work of the general practitioner (family doctor) are more reasonable and beneficial to both GPs and patients in many respects.

You should use sensitive toothpaste and apply it to the tooth and gum area.

The specific features of work of the general practitioner (family doctor) are more reasonable and beneficial to both GPs and patients in many respects.

What do I need to do if either my permanent or temporary crown falls off?

Your dentist should be contacted quickly, and they can then re-cement the crown. If you can’t get to a practice during surgery hours, a local pharmacy can have a temporary cement kit available, though this will not last for a very long period.

Abscessed teeth symptoms?

Normal symptoms are signs of redness and swelling of the gum, bad breath, a discharge/pus, pain, and the affected area feeling hot plus swelling of the face.

How long will a dental crown last?

On average, 15 years, though this can be more in some cases.

On what occasion would I require tooth-coloured fillings?

A major reason is because they don’t contain mercury. Aesthetically, they look better than metal fillings.

Will my teeth feel become more sensitive to hot and cold with fillings?

No, and indeed they should aid any sensitivity you already have.

What are the signs that I need a filling or crown?

When over two thirds of a tooth requires filling, then the best option is normally considered to be a crown.

Will I be eligible for a Botox injection?

Most people will be eligible, though eligibility is dependent on a person’s medical history. A thorough consultation will determine this.

What are the types of side effects that can occur following a Botox injection?

Normal side effects can range from a mild headache to the forehead and brow feeling heavy. Light bruising and oedema may also result at the injection site. Any symptoms will disappear after several days.

How long will the treatments take?

In the majority of cases, around fifteen to thirty minutes.

Will my facial structure be changed by facial rejuvenation?

Yes. Facial rejuvenation can result in, depending where the filler is placed, the lifting of the cheek and jaw areas and the nasal labial folds. A firmer and more youthful face will be the result, with the removal of deep and fine wrinkles and skin peels. The skin will also have a glowing quality.

How long lasting will the benefits be?

Botox and fillers can last from a period of six to nine months. Wonderful looking skin may last indefinitely with the correct skin regime, and by the use of ingredients, products and treatments that can penetrate the skin barrier.

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